Dental SL

Highly effective hemostatic-packing sponge to fill socket after dental extraction procedures

  • 3D matrix structure – have high absorbability of the blood and better holding of blood clot than other packing material in market
  • Neutral pH – Can be combined freely with any chemical, or biologics for advanced effect
  • Soak with Thrombin or Tranexamic acid for quick Haemostasis
  • Soak with antibiotic – for local antiseptic effect
  • No need to remove after surgery – provides higher patient comfort and reduces secondary bleeding associated with removal of non absorbable packing material
  • Liquifies in 24 – 48 hours and removed with salivation
  • Socket size cubicle sponge – easily fit bleeding sites,
  • Individual piece packing – no need to cut in most cases,
  • Cost effective haemostatic sponge – 10-15 INR per patient maximum
  • Non-toxic, non-scaring and 100% biocompatible material