Anal Tampon

  • Cylindrically-shaped tampon with hollow region in centre.
  • Shaped for specific use in haemorrhoidal and coloproctological surgeries to control mild and moderate bleeding
  • Can be easily placed with help of proctoscope at the end of surgery
  • Absorb and holds continuously oozing fluids and provides hemostasis for prolonged period
  • Reduces tissue irritation and provides physical support to nearby tissue
  • Enhances patient comfort by reducing post-operative pain
  • Body heat and bacterial invasion fastens the dissolution of sponge, expelled easily within 1 to 2 days with patient’s natural bowl movement
  • Cost effective and patient kinder haemostatic packing sponge
  • Effective hemostasis in transrectal prostate biopsy (Kohei Kobatake et al. 2015)